Mum & Dad

By Mum & Dad, Fair Use

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Shock is a powerful tool for a horror film, but one that can border on crass if used poorly. Mum & Dad doesn’t really walk the line of bad taste, but charges right through it to the other side where shock is everything and survival is the name of the game.

The narrative opens with a cleaner, played by Olga Fedori, finding her luck running out. She is in a foreign land—in her case, Britain—working in an airport and she needs somewhere to stay. Fortunately for her, one of her co-workers offers her a bed for the night, so she goes back to a strange family house nearby where she meets Mum, Dido Miles, and Dad, Perry Benson.

Mum seems nice, possibly over-friendly, and though there is something off about her it is not clear what until Dad’s introduction. He is pleasuring himself using a female body part, though the rest of the body it has been cut from is missing. At this moment Fedori realises she will have to either join the family or die, and neither are options that appeal to her.

Mum & Dad is a strange and silly survival horror that takes itself very seriously. It is incredibly gruesome and not for the squeamish or easily-offended, as director Steven Sheil sets out to cause psychological harm by the film’s very presence. If you’re a fan of extreme horror then it is worth seeing, but other than that it’s all a bit much.

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