By Still, A Poem by Seb Reilly

In almost silence we sit together
as a cricket’s orchestra sounds
the symphony gently rising
over water’s ripples against the ground.

Fingers entwined like vines around a stile
that leads from one field to the next
where the grass is greener
in the shade of the trees
and our arms draw nearer
to where our hands connect.

The warmth of your skin
as I touch your shoulder
reminds me of my love for you.

The tilt of your head
and the song in your whisper
brighter than the sun’s hue.

Memories seem to flow and ebb
glistening in the morning light
dew drops on a spider’s web
summarising the sight of lines
drawn and erased
moments in time
flickering and undefined
changing the refrain.

As a stone sinks in the water
dropping down beneath the blue
until it settles deep and under
so my heart falls into you.

And as we sit here in this quiet
serenaded by the cricket’s band
there’s nothing more that I could ask for
just to be here
holding hands.

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