By Pyramid, A Poem by Seb Reilly

A mix of words
sound in your ear
not looking forth
suppressing fear
the beating drum
rising inside
the prism glinting
refractions hide
a glowing structure
shaped from red
darkness pulsing
raise your head
mirrored walls
all lining side-lines
sights beside
soft sounding confines
concave vectors
lifting space
landscape scope
makes pace up-face
and settles souls
foreground renowned
the beating pulse
slows down around
and back and forth
the smoking flows
upside down
a cloud now grows
this pulsing beat
that phases back
dropping tempo
fades to black
the smoke and mirrors
fall away
the world rewrites
right to today
and all is lost
but not forgot
the beating drum
returns for what
not looking back
such pace unclear
a mix of words
you’ll never hear.

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