By Bird, A Poem by Seb Reilly

She lifts me in the air and grounds me all at once;
she is stronger and braver than I could ever be.
Her perception brings my blur into focus,
her understanding aligns my offset direction,
her will reminds my own to be decisive,
her control reigns in my lack of restraint.
She challenges me like no one else can,
yet her voice is the one to which I pay most heed.
She steers me so I don’t crash into the rocks.
She reflects my mistakes,
yet brings out the best parts of me.
She is so much more than I should ever deserve.
Years and moments have fallen together
and our roots have entwined
until we are two parts of one whole,
but she is the strength that holds up our tree
and she is the leaves that let us breathe.
She is the branches that allow me to reach
and she is the bark that protects me from harm.
I am one and she is one and we are one together.
If I could thank her each day I would, and I try,
but I fail more than I would ever admit.
She is the most important part of me,
the soul in my shell.
She is my lifeblood.

First appeared as part of Birds and Other Stories

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